Xongdur Healthy Gift Set (S)


SKU : 24-XDS0299

Happy New Year 2024 with Xongdur Healthy Gift Set (S)

Brand : Xongdur


Xongdur Healthy Gift Set (S)

  1. Instant Whole Grain Cereal Beverage Vanilla Flavour Less Sugar Formula (5 sachets x 25 g)
  2. Organic Rice Porridge Variety (3 pices) 1 box.
  3. Xongdur Trail Nuts 100 g (5 sachets x 20g) 1 box.
  4. Xongdur Snax Granola mini Yoghurt Mixed Berry 
  5. Xongdur Snax Granola mini Tom Yum Brown Rice Crispy
  6. Grainna Black Sesame & 8 Whole Grains Cereal Bar 
  7. Box gift set + card

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