Xongdur Wellness (L) Hamper


SKU : 24-XDL1499

Happy New Year 2024 with Xongdur Wellness (L) Hamper

Brand : Xongdur


Xongdur Wellness (L) Hamper

  1. Instant Pea Protein with Cocoa and Hazelnuts Flavor Beverage Powder (5 sachets x 25 g)
  2. Instant Cereal Drinks Variety (10 Sachets)
  3. Instant Concentrated Drinks Variety (10 Sachets)
  4. Instant Whole Grain Cereal Beverage with Black Sesame No Sugar Added Formula (10 sachets)
  5. Tasty Sesame with Seaweed
  6. Organic Rice Porridge Variety (3 pices) 1 box.
  7. Xongdur Trail Nuts 100 g (5 sachets x 20g) 1 box.
  8. Foodfitt Sprouted Brown Rice with Whole grains cereal & fruits (Low Sugar Formula) 5 bar x 18 g
  9. Thick Roll Oat
  10. Xongdur Snax Granola mini Tom Yum Brown Rice Crispy
  11. Longan Honey
  12. Sunflower sprouts growing kit
  13. Hamper + card


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