Instant Pea Protein Vanilla Flavour Beverage Powder 250g.


SKU : 127-001

We have selected plant proteins. We also pay attention to the source. Songder chooses protein extracted from peas. "Protein without allergens"


Instant Pea Protein Vanilla Flavour Beverage Powder 250g.


1.Plant-Based Protein, plant protein, extracted from golden peas

  • No allergens
  • Peas from Canada

2. 1 spoon (35 grams) has a protein content of 15 grams = 2 eggs (should consume 1 gram/body weight 1 kilogram)*
3. 1 spoon (35 g) with a MCT oil content** of 7 g
4.Contains fiber from inulin, which is a prebiotic

  • Helps with the digestive system and excretion

5.No sugar, No milk, No creamer
6.Little sweet from stevia
7.Easy to brew with both hot and cold water

*Reference: Bureau of Nutrition, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health

MCT oil is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid. Found in healthy oils such as coconut oil and palm oil. It has properties that help you feel full quickly. Does not accumulate as fat


Ingredient: Pea Protein 50.11%, MCT Powdered Oil 20% ,  Inulin 10%




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