Instant Black Sesame Beverage Powder



We select raw materials from non-toxic cultivation sources to production processes that do not include preservatives


Brand : Xongdur


Instant Black Sesame Beverage Powder (5 sachet)

1.2 times black sesame

  • High calcium nourishes bones and teeth
  • Antioxidants Slow down cell degeneration

2.Less sweet
3.8 types of whole grains, unrefined and get full benefits
4.No creamer, No milk
5.Vegetarians who eat milk can eat it
6.Suitable for those who do not eat sweet food. or like to eat bland food People at risk or with diabetes

Ingredient : Black sesame organic powder 75%, total 8 types of organic cereal flakes 15%, unbleached sugar 10%

Information for food Allergenic Consumer : Contains Sesame, Gluten

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