Job's Tears Soup With Mulberry Green Tea No Sugar (10 sachet)



Select natural ingredients for your favorite drink. With organic millet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body


Brand : Xongdur


Job's Tears Soup With Mulberry Green Tea No Sugar (10 sachet) 


  • No creamer, no milk
  • Benefits of green tea and mulberry leaves: Reduces blood sugar levels and helps remove excess fat in the body
  • Organic Job's Tears That is useful in reducing blood cholesterol levels, reducing obesity, and is beneficial in treating cancer patients
  • Non-genetic tuning (GMOs)
  • Energy: 70 kilocalories

Ingredients:  Organic Job's Tears 78% , 8 types of organic cereal flakes 20%, Organic mulberry leaf green tea 2%


Information for food Allergenic Consumer : Contains gluten



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